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Margot Woelk was a German secretary who, among 15 young women in 1942, were selected to taste German leader Adolf Hitler’s food at the Wolf’s Lair in East Prussia for two-and-a-half years in order to confirm that it was safe to eat. She was the only one of the 15 to survive World War II, and her background as Hitler’s food taster was not revealed until a newspaper interview on her 95th birthday in December 2012. (Wikipedia)


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"A garden that once provided Adolf Hitler with fresh vegetables has been discovered at his infamous Wolf’s Lair headquarters.

Hitler spent much of his time in the final years of the war at the Wolf’s Lair, which is located in what is now Poland. The top-secret, heavily guarded bunker complex was used by the Nazis until January 1945, when it was abandoned and partly destroyed ahead of advancing Soviet forces.

The garden was found on the grounds of Mazurolandia, a nearby theme park museum, and excavations took place during the summer." 

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Wolfs Lair photo by Michal Fludra_NurPho
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