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BroadwayWorld: Moment Mag Zoominar Announcement

Reading and Talkback With Playwright Michelle Kholos Brooks and Holocaust Historian Gavriel D. Rosenfeld, hosted by Moment Magazine. 

The Kilroys: The List 2020

The 2020 List has been created to honor new plays written by the women, trans, and non-binary writers of the American theatre.

LA Times: Quarantine Must-Watch List

Jewish Journal Interview: Virtual Theater: Michelle Kholos Brooks’ ‘Hitler’s Tasters’ Offers Food for Thought

“Hitler’s Tasters” is a compelling dark comedy that turns a historical footnote into a provocative social study. Its run at the Electric Lodge Theater in Venice cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic is streaming online through May 21.

LA Times Interview: From Fringe Festival to Venice: A socially distanced ‘Hitler’s Tasters’ comes to L.A.

"This historical tidbit inspired Michelle Kholos Brooks to write “Hitler’s Tasters,” a risky drama that asks audiences to empathize with Nazi protagonists. The production by the New Light Theater Project earned acclaim in New York and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and despite coronavirus-related theater closures in Los Angeles County, it is proceeding with its run through March 30 at the Electric Lodge in Venice."

LA Times Article: Coronavirus canceled almost all shows in Los Angeles, but this one is still a go

“It’s not just costs — though it’d be dishonest to ignore that — but they rehearsed and worked hard, and to send them home without allowing them to perform would be very difficult.”

BBC Feature

"Hitler’s Tasters, a play by Michelle Kholos Brooks freely imagines what risking your life, fork by fork, was really like."

LA Times Interview: Age 28, going on 12: How adult actors pull off playing children onstage

"Each day in her rehearsals for “Hitler’s Tasters,” director Norris had her actresses discuss a different memory — family pet, first crush, painful high school moment. The goal: bring them back to adolescence."

Chicago Tribune Interview: Survival is complicated for ‘Hitler’s Tasters’

"Young German women risked their lives every day to ensure that Adolf Hitler wasn’t poisoned. Playwright Michelle Kholos Brooks tells their stories in “Hitler’s Tasters”."

The Jewish Chronicle Feature

"In Edinburgh I am very curious to see how an international audience reacts to Hitler’s Tasters."

The New York Jewish Week Interview: Fresh Food For Thought On The Holocaust

"In an interview, Brooks told The Jewish Week that it was by putting the young women in such an extreme situation that enabled her to delve into the psychology of her characters in a way that transcended the usual treatments of this age group in our culture." 

Spotlight Interview: A Taste of Success: Writing, Fundraising and Marketing a Fringe Hit

"After a successful run of 'Hitler's Tasters' at the Edinburgh Fringe, we speak with writer Michelle Kholos Brooks and actress MaryKathryn Kopp about adapting historical accounts, bringing a show to Edinburgh from the US, and the IndieGogo campaign that made it all possible."

The New Current Interview

"Based on true events, a group of conscripted young women put their lives on the line three times a day, every day, for Adolf Hitler. A dark comedy that explores the way girls navigated sexuality, friendship and patriotism during the Third Reich, it also considers how power can corrupt, leaving children in the firing line."

The EFC Interview: Meet the 2019 Performers - Hitler's Tasters

"The team behind the play have already started an active marketing campaign on social media, and it is clear they are very excited about the production and the story they have to tell!"

The Clyde Fitch Report Feature

"Michelle Kholos Brooks seizes upon a curious historical footnote, depicting not one but three tasters of the Fuhrer’s food."

Rep Radio Podcast Interview

"On today’s podcast, here at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we meet the creative team of Hitler’s Tasters. This ticket is highly shut after and I managed to get them along with the opportunity to chat. Here’s my interview for Hitler’s Tasters."

Go See A Show Podcast Interview

"...The role of theatre in this dangerous political moment, “feeling things” in the intimacy of the theater, and why it’s important to put young women’s stories on the stage."

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